Innovators of international talent attraction - Dan Rosenberg | Copenhagen Capacity

As Head of Talent Attraction at a leading investment promotion agency, Dan Rosenberg has deep experience with international talent attraction and global talent mobility trends. Prior to joining Copenhagen Capacity Dan spent five years in the leading executive search firm Egon Zehnder.

Copenhagen Capacity sharing it’s 10 years of place branding

For more than a decade Copenhagen Capacity has been working to increase the attractiveness of the Greater Copenhagen Region and Denmark towards international specialist and skilled workers with the goal of sustainable growth in Denmark. Furthermore, Denmark's pioneering green energy transition solutions are not only enhancing the region's attractiveness but also making a significant impact worldwide. Dan will unveil Copenhagen Capacity's strategies for talent attraction, showcasing their pivotal role in supporting companies and fostering collaboration with universities and key labor market stakeholders. In the face of a pressing talent shortage hindering Danish companies' growth, the influx of international talents into Denmark has surged to unprecedented heights.