Helsinki’s secret behind ‘the best citybranding of the world’ - Chiara Loos

What can we learn from their approach towards inhabitants, visitors & companies?

Chiara Loos is a German who was cool enough to embrace the Finnish way of life. She made Helsinki her home in 2020. As B2B Marketing Manager at Helsinki Partners, a city marketing, investment, and talent attraction company owned by the City of Helsinki, Chiara and her colleagues are on a mission to make Helsinki known for creating a better tomorrow. They match people with possibilities to empower a green and digital transition for all of us. With her expertise in B2B marketing, branding, and yoga, she uses her skills to develop the perception of Helsinki in the business world through various brand and marketing activities.

Helsinki’s goal was becoming the most functional city in the world. In 2017 they started the most extensive brand renewal ever done in Finland. It wasn’t a walk in the park. The result is that today Helsinki is aiming for creating a better tomorrow and is said to have the best city branding of the world. What is the secret behind the success of Helsinki? What can we learn from their cocreation, citymarketing & investment marketing? How do they involve all target groups? And what is the role of water in Helsinki? Chiara Loos, B2B Marketing Manager at Helsinki Partners will slightly include water as well!